"Casting director Powell approaches audition prep as a physical and mental exercise in this useful tome, walking actors through each step of the process including the psychological war-zone she terms 'The Lobby Sabotage.' She also outlines her '6 Audition Tools Method' for successful in-the-moment performance. "

- Backstage's List of 8 Must Read Books About Auditioning

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"I predict The Audition Bible will become THE book for serious actors.  It is nuts-and-bolts casting knowledge

from someone that knows. This is a must read for every serious actor.”

The Healthy Actor 

"A true insider's instruction manual, "The Audition Bible: Secrets Every Actor Needs To Know"

is exceptionally well written, organized and presented, making it a thoroughly 'user friendly' guide

that should be considered 'must reading' by all aspiring actors from local community theater groups

to Broadway and Hollywood casting calls."

 -The Midwest Book Review


Award-winning Hollywood Casting Director, Holly Powell, has written a “from the trenches,” how to audition book that should be in every actor’s possession and on every acting department’s reading list. THE AUDITION BIBLE won’t get you to the Promised Land but it will surely point the way!

Robert Schenkkan, Screenwriter "Hacksaw Ridge," Author Tony Award Best Play (All The Way) Pulitzer Prize (Kentucky Cycle)




I just want to say how super, super, super grateful I am to have learned SO much when we have worked together. You've changed my entire game - a game changer in the truest sense - is what its been training with you.

I am beyond thankful and consider myself very lucky to know what I now know, thanks to you. I’m

crushing meetings now, every time, and that’s your knowledge with me before

and in the room. You’re a legend and I have thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much from working with you.

-Tom Benedict Knight, Actor London & Los Angeles


Actors who have read Holly’s book are easy to spot. Their auditions are prepared, passionate, and compelling. They honor the material and make it sing by making it personal. This makes THE AUDITION BIBLE a gift, not only to actors, but also to the writers and directors who work with them.

Scott Williams, Writer/Executive Producer (NCIS, Castle, Bones)



Holly Powell has written a most thorough book on auditioning that I wish I’d had when I was starting out. Holly’s wisdom will save every serious actress and actor loads of time and heartache ~ read it now!

Frances Fisher, Actress (Resurrection, Titanic)





I have seen first-hand the professionalism and grace of Ms. Powell in action…This is the clearest, most helpful Bible for the real world of auditioning I have ever read…The actor as athlete thread is inspiring…It’s a must for actors. Bravo! Out of the park!

Sam Anderson, Actor/Director (Justified, Lost, ER)






Good for you for inspiring so many to do better, be better … and hopefully look at auditions as an opportunity to ACT because that’s what they are!

Dan Bucatinsky, Actor/Writer/Producer Emmy Award Guest Actor Drama Series (Scandal); Writer (Grey’s Anatomy); Executive Producer/Actor (The Comeback)




Holly brings her considerable experience working with and observing actors and shares a wealth of information to help anyone working in the business of entertainment, be it as an actor, casting director, agent, manager, director or producer. She knows what she’s talking about!

Jason La Padura, Casting Director (High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie, Longtime Companion); CSA Artios Award/Emmy Nominee


Holly Powell has taken her years of experience as an actor and award winning casting director to craft an invaluable tool for the young performer as well as seasoned working actor. The Audition Bible takes the “SCARY” out of the audition process. Her insight and knowledge of the “business of show” should be the go to source in every performer’s arsenal. As a working actor for 35 years, I haven’t come across anything to compare to it. Kudos to you Holly!

James Pickens, Jr., Actor (Grey’s Anatomy, 42, The X-Files) NAACP Image Awards winner/SAG Awards winner


What Holly Powell has accomplished with her wonderful book, “The Audition Bible,” is gather all the most no-nonsense and valuable information needed to enter the crazy maze of show business. Using her vast and rich experience as a teacher and award-winning casting director Holly answers questions a young actor might not even have thought of. She knows the terrors an actor can face as he begins the journey and calmly and comfortingly reassures as she provides a sensible road map. I wish I had this book when I was starting out!

Reed Birney, Actor (House of Cards, Casa Valentina, Circle Mirror Transformation) Tony Award for Best Support Actor "The Humans," Drama Desk and Obie Award winner 

THE AUDITION BIBLE should be the canon to any actor looking to understand the business. Holly uses her award-­winning talent to meticulously dive into the world of casting and share her knowledge. Having worked with Holly on a number of hit television shows, I have seen firsthand her masterful approach to casting… this book contains all the elements to prepare an actor for success.

David Janollari, David Janollari Entertainment (Six Feet Under, One on One, The Hughleys)



Holly Powell shares her years of casting expertise in this smart, practical “how to” bible. If you want to book jobs, read it!

Mary Lou Belli, Director / Author (The NEW Sitcom Career Book, Directors Tell The Story)






There really are secrets to acting success. Passion, preparation and perseverance. But just as powerful is INFORMATION. Holly Powell is a caring skilled guide to the whole artistic process of presenting your acting skills in the best form so you can win roles. I worked with Holly when casting my own material and she is top of the game. Her Audition Bible is the real thing, easy to read, caring and effective!

Pen Densham, Producer/Writer/Director (Moll Flanders, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Outer Limits – CableACE Award Winner / Oscar Nominee)



What impressed me most about THE AUDITION BIBLE is that it has relevance to anyone who works in front of or behind the camera. It’s not just for actors.

Noel Clarke, Actor/Writer/Producer/Director (Star Trek Into Darkness, Kidulthood, Doctor Who BAFTA & Olivier Award winner)





Walking in the audition room is the job! Being on set or stage is the Dream. THE AUDITION BIBLE helps one’s preparation and confidence in making your dreams come true!

Andre Royo, Actor (The Wire, Fringe)






For the past few years Holly has taught her Audition Workshop in Professor Scott Alan Smith’s acting class at Pepperdine University. He assigned THE AUDITION BIBLE: Secrets Every Actor Needs To Know as required reading for his Professional Actor class.

Here are a few of the wonderful quotes from his talented students about the book:

This book has been an incredible tool for me since I’m about to graduate and planning

on jumping into this world as soon as possible. Its a new book from a working Casting

Director so I know that the information is current and reliable. She really took the time to

give helpful tips and stories for every step of auditions, which gives the book a really

encouraging tone. Having never auditioned for TV or Film, I have heard a little bit about

what those auditions are like, but Holly really took the time to explain what the rooms

often look like, who is usually in each room, what the lobby is typically like; in general, I

feel like I have a really clear idea of what I will be walking in to at any stage of the

audition process. I feel pretty certain that I will be turning back to this book for reminders

and tips for a long time!

 -Kailee Rogers, Pepperdine University Theatre

The book has been incredibly helpful in giving me knowledge about the auditioning process,

especially because there were things that I would do before auditions

that I wasn’t aware that I should NOT be doing!!! For example, I would always make

conversation with those around me in the waiting room, and I would scope everyone out

which would make me insecure: leading me to go into the audition with the mind set

that I would not get it. I also now know what to immediately look for when I receive

sides for auditioning! For example, I should know what my character wants,

and the before moment. I also learned that there are aspects of this industry that you

can’t control which made me feel at ease. You could give the best audition, but sometimes

it comes down to a certain look or race that they want, and I have now realized

that I can’t control anything but my audition.

-Jacquelyn Ferguson, Pepperdine University Theatre Major

I have learned throughout my reading of Holly Powell’s novel that auditioning is part of

acting. Auditioning is something that the actor cannot run away from, so we might as

well have fun with it. It is an opportunity to perform, and it may be nerve racking and

sometimes unpleasant, but it is part of the business of acting. This book has been

particularly invaluable for me in that Ive learned that casting directors and producers

WANT me to be the part, and in this place I can learn to come in confidant and at ease

with the outcome of the audition. I really resonated with some advice Holly gave us

towards the middle of the book; she said to leave it all in the audition room. There can be

a million reasons why you didn't or did get the part, but its not your business, because

you gave it all you got and you had fun!

 -Jasmine Thomas, Pepperdine University Theatre Major